Work Package 5

Disseminating the Digital Resilience Building Approach and Outcomes of the DigiWELL project

Leader: MSKU


The WP5 aim is to disseminate all project outputs developed in all other (preceding) work packages to inform beneficiaries about the project, project objectives, and outputs, and to enable creating awareness and gain understanding on digital resilience building. This WP will enable the promotion of project, which will directly contribute to attain general objectives.


  • create the project logo and project images
  • create and manage the project’s social media accounts and project website
  • create project email group with adult organizations, adult education providers, initiatives, and networks
  • prepare the Project Dissemination Plan
  • prepare at least 4 newsletters to inform participants about the project development
  • organize sharing and promotion events for building digital resilience and multiplier events (awareness campaigns)
  • deliver the developed Digital Resilience Building M&M, TP&TMs and OER Platform


  • Project Dissemination Plan
  • Project website, social media accounts and email group
  • Project dissemination materials
  • Project outputs dissemination