Work Package 1

Project Management

Leader: SUA in Nitra


WP1 focuses on ensuring the effective and efficient management of all project activities to achieve the set project goals according to the set time schedule, budget and quality standards. The specific objective of WP1 is also to ensure multiculturality, scope and content validity of the work package’s results.


  • the Quality Assurance (QA) works of the project will be comprised of all progress checking, assessment and evaluation activities
  • the partnership will set up procedures to define, eliminate and handle both potential and emerging risks them effectively to set up a Risk Management Plan (RMP) to describe, analyze and treat risks
  • the Green Strategy (GS) will be employed in order to promote and to adopt green attitudes and practices
  • the Inclusion, Diversity, and Accessibility Strategy (IDAS) will be endorsed to adopt intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and non-discrimination as a main philosophy within the project’s lifespan
  • regularly monitor budget, project activities and specified deadlines to ensure a correct and timely progress of the project by organizing virtual Monthly Meetings (MMs)


  • Quality Assurance
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Green Strategy
  • Inclusion, Diversity, and Accessibility Strategy
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Monthly Meetings