Virtual Transnational Project Meeting 2 – October 27, 2023

The finalization of WP2 Digital Resilience Building Manual & Methodology was discussed. After incorporating the comments and suggestions from the Expert Review of the M&M, realized by EIfI-Tech, translations of M&M into the national languages of all 7 partners have to be realized.

Based on the discussion, the final decision was made on the creation of four training and learning modules within WP3 with the following involvement of partners:

Modul1 Digital Security – SUA in Nitra

Modul 2 Digital Wellbeing Digital Wellbeing – MSKU, SYZYGY

Modul 3 Digital Privacy – AIFED

Modul 4 Digital Citizenship – Elfl-tech, Found.ation

The partners should prepare proposal for the module content by the next meeting.

CTU in Prague is responsible for Digital Resilience Building learning methodology.

MSKU, the leader of WP5, informed about the organization of the Sharing and Promotion Event for Digital Resilience. Each partner should organize the event during November 2023.